Financial Self-Defense for Women

A well-stocked woolen stocking is an essential weapon to defend yourself in the event of a bad surprise of life. Young women may be educated and say they are fiercely independent, they are not really so until they have cushioned their financial cushion. Here’s how to get there.

What is the connection between martial arts and financial independence? Both require discipline and effort, and then they provide assurance and power.

Many young women learn self-defense skills to defend themselves in case of aggression. They would benefit from applying the same principle to their bank account: by filling it, it will become their secret weapon, which will support them during the hardships of life – job loss, separation, illness – events that have more risk of an assault on the street by a stranger.

Marilyne decided to do both.

When she wears her judogi for her judo aiki ju-jitsu training, a martial art combining notions of combat and self-defense, the 26-year-old must demonstrate humility, discipline and concentration.

“It’s a demanding and rather masculine sport,” she explains. It gives me confidence in myself, especially the self-defense aspect: if I walk alone at night and meet shady people, I do not feel in danger. ”

“I do not need a man to protect me,” she adds with a smile.

Marilyne has the discipline to practice the martial arts, which gives it this confidence, and adopts the same attitude to the money: it manages its money with rigor not to be vulnerable if it happens a glitch.

At the end of his bachelor’s degree in 2012, his debts totaled $ 12,000. Three years later, she had paid for everything.

Of course, she was fortunate enough to get a job in the public service soon after graduation, while some of her friends have to settle for precarious and low-paid jobs. But she could go on shopping sprees with her first paychecks, buy a new car, design furniture, go out to the restaurant.

Instead, she paid off her student loan as soon as possible. And when that was done, she continued to set aside the money that was used to pay off her student loan – $ 200 a month – which now gives her a financial cushion of almost $5,000.

“It gives me a sense of security. I have enough money to support myself. It’s great with my boyfriend, but there are so many separations that it could happen to us too. – Marilyne

“Financial independence, I am keen on it. I never want to depend on anyone else. I would not sleep well if my savings and assets depended on a relationship with a man. ”


A few weeks ago, a post published on the American site The Billfold ignited feminist social networks and even just feminine. Author Paulette Perhach explains how important it is for young women to build a “Fuck Off Fund” – literally, a financial cushion to tell others to fuck, rather than depending on them.

It tells the story of a young woman who finishes her studies, gets her first job, moves in with her boyfriend and wants to enjoy life, going out with friends and paying fashionable clothes on credit.

But when her boyfriend starts to denigrate her and be violent with her, she can not afford to move because she has no economy and bad debts have tainted her credit. When her boss begins to flirt with her and do something inappropriate for her, she can not afford to resign or file a complaint against him, at the risk of losing her job.

To avoid being in the role of the victim, girls must start their “Fuck Off Fund” from their first paycheck, “continuing to live like broken students, riding in a 10-year old Civic, even when the bumper is ripped off, “shopping at thrift stores and second-hand sales, taking a second job and replacing meals at the restaurant with shared meals at friends’.

“You accumulate enough to live for six months. If your boyfriend calls you idiot, you can answer him that at the next insult, you leave him. […] If your boss tries to pet you, you say to him ” leave me alone, bastard! ” and go to denounce him to the service of the human resources. Whether the system protects you or not, you will have enough to ensure your back. “

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