3 Ways to Wean Yourself Off of Television

Family December 24th, 2014

Over and over again I hear the same thing:

People claiming they don’t have time to do something important, like work out, make extra money, or any other important cornerstone of life like building meaningful relationships. But more often than not, that same person spends at least a half hour if not more time in front of the television each day.

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Organization Central

Decluttering/Organizing November 29th, 2014

All our “we should, someday” projects are coming home to roost.

Personally, and this approach with my clothes is all too often to my detriment, I usually wait til things are worn to a literal thread before replacing them. The Curse of the Broken Pants still holds because of this: every time I start a new job, I break another pair of pants. (Pretty sure it’s hilarious when it’s not happening to you.)

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Preparing Your Wallet for the Holidays

Budgeting October 28th, 2014

Yup, it’s that time of year again: time to prepare your wallet for the annual holiday drain. (Sorry, that didn’t sound very cheery.) Really though, it’s the time of year when decorating for the holidays, hosting and attending parties, cooking big meals, and gift giving kicks off. While those can all be super fun, they can also be a hit on your wallet if you’re not careful.

Prepare now, and you’ll stay in good shape financially while still having a great holiday season.

The basics are:

  • Plan ahead (using last years expenses and activities as a guideline and reminder
  • Say no when necessary (or when you just plain want to!)
  • Budget based on what you want to do and can afford
  • Build in a little wiggle-room for overlooked expenses, and note them down for next year
  • Don’t feel obligated. (Not every event or person in your life requires a gift.)
  • Take advantage of discounts, coupons, and free shipping/offers for things you intended to buy anyway.

Keep those in mind, and you’ll give your wallet a break.

Birthday Party for a Three Year Old – Yay or Nay?

Family September 28th, 2014

Last year I threw a birthday party for my son that included close family and three of his little friends and their associated families. I considered inviting his friends this year but the guest list began growing out of control. If I invite friends from preschool then I feel the need to invite the entire class. That’s eight other children, their parents and siblings. That’s at least twenty four guests!

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What Do You Value?

Saving July 31st, 2014

Have you thought about what you value when it comes to spending & saving money? Mindless spending and/or saving without a purpose won’t get you to where you’d like to be. That means the first step, of course, is figuring out what your financial goals are.

Don’t make them generic goals like “save for retirement” or “save for the kid’s college” either. Make them things that you connect with viscerally. Meaningful stuff. Stuff you’d feel sick about if you didn’t reach. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Goals Checkup

Goals June 27th, 2014

It’s looonnng past New Year’s resolutions time. In fact we’re about halfway to next year now. So how are you doing on your goals & resolutions?

Are you making awesome progress on at least one of them, or are you struggling to remember what they even were?

Regardless if the current state of your goals, just the act of checking up on them can help. If you’re not were you’d like to be right now — say, with you personal finance related goals — don’t let it get you down.

Instead, use the change of season as an opportunity for a fresh start. And maybe give yourself a shorter time period before the next check-in. I know that personally I do a lot better with much shorter time frames.

Your goals should be important to you, and by giving yourself a shorter time frame you can make them urgent too. That’s a sure-fire way to make progress on them.

Time to Redraw the Plans?

Money management May 30th, 2014

Food for thought:

“I believe your wallet should keep pace with your lifestyle. If you cannot save enough money for the life you want to live isn’t it time to redraw the plans?”

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